Youth Travel Leagues

Registering and Payment

Register online at or call (586) 294-8848
Pay online, cash, check, or credit card

Rosters are required by all teams. All players must sign liability wavier before playing. All rosters must be summited online on ezfacility. Captains/managers/coaches are responsible for the completion of their teams rosters. 

$200 deposit is required for all teams that register

2022-2023 Birthday Cut-offs

Age Group Birth Year
Under 62017
Under 82015
Under 92014
Under 102013
Under 112012
Under 122011
Under 132010
Under 142009
High SchoolMust be in High School

Youth Boarded

# of games10
Start date Winter LeagueNovember 5th
Cut off Winter leagueOctober 20th

Games are played throughout the winter. November to April

Youth Non-Boarded

U8-U10- 7v7- 2 x 25 minute halves

U11 & 12- 9v9- 2 x 25 minute halves

U13 & Older- 8v8- 2 x 25 minute halves

One winter session from November to April

10 games total

U8-U10, 7v7 U11-U12, 9v9 U13-14, 8v8 H.S. Girls, 8v8 H.S. Boys, 8v8
Winter session price$1650$1695$1695$1695$1695
Start dateNovember 4thNovember 4thNovember 4thNovember 4thNovember 4th
Cut off dateOctober 20thOctober 20thOctober 20thOctober 20thOctober 20th