Individual/House Leagues

We offer a house program where you can register a single child or you can register a small group of children.  We have teams for ages Under 6 through High School. Our house teams play in our recreational divisions on our boarded fields.  Below please find more information:

        -Fee is $85 (Under 6) and $95 (Under 8 - High School)

        -If  the fee is not paid in full by the cut-off date (October 28th for 1st Session, December 30th for 2nd Session and February 23rd  for 3rd Session),               a $5 late fee is added to the balance per child

        -8 game sessions; 3 sessions offered per year (only 2 for High School Girls)

         -there are no practices

         -Under 6 league is a Train & Play.  There will be 8 games, that are divided up between a mini game and mini training session within the hour time frame

         -Under 6 teams will have up to 12 players on the roster

         -Under 8 - 10 leagues play on full boarded field, they play 7v7, and the games are 1 hour,  (2) 26-minute halves

         -Under 8 - 10 teams will have up to 13 players on their roster

         -Under 12 - High School leagues play on full boarded field, they play 6v6, and the games are 1 hour (2) 26 minute halves

         -Under 12 - High School teams will have up to 12 players on their roster

         -Coaches are contacted with first game times approximately 5 days before the season starts and they will contact you with that time

         -Full schedules are released to our website approximately 2-3 days following the first game

         -On the day of the first game, check in one half-hour to sign a waiver form and your child will receive a t-shirt

         -t-shirts are handed out once a year if your child stays on the same team

          -Games are usually once a week, times will vary

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