Age Group Game Days


Mini Field 4v4 (U6 - U7), 6v6 (U8 - U9)
League Day League Day
U6 Coed* Sat & Sun U8 Girls Tues & Thurs
U7 Coed* Sat & Sun U9 Boys Wed & Sun
U8 Boys Sat, Sun, & Mon U9 Girls Fri & Sat
*U6 & U7 are 4v4 with no goalies.  45 minute game.  Mini goals.

Main Field 6v6 (U10 & U11 7v7)
League Day League Day
U10 Boys Mon & Sat
U10 Girls Fri & Sat Mens Open Tues & Thurs
U11 Boys / Girls Thurs & Sat. Coed Open* Sat & Sun nights
U12 Boys / Girls Wed & Sat Over 30 Women Sun
U13 & 14 Boys / Girls Tues & Sat Over 30 Men Mon & Wed
U16 Boys Sat Over 30 Coed* Fri
High School Coed* Fri & Sat late night Over 40 Women Thur

Over 40 Men Sun morning
Over 50 Women Tues
 *High School, Over 30 & Open Coed leagues must have two female players on the field at all times.

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